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Size Selection

For the harness, you need to measure the chest circumference. Measure the neck, leaving one finger space, and choose according to this measurement. For growing chicks, choose based on their development.

A separate size chart for each product is included in the ad content.

If you want, you can also get help from our Instagram team with the measurements.


  • Its dimensions are below.

Why Should You Choose This Cat Collar and Travel Strap Set?

  • Made from breathable mesh material.
  • With its reflective strip design, it increases safety during night walks.
  • Ideal for long-term use with durable metal ring and clip.
  • With the matching leash, walks become easier and more enjoyable.
  • It reflects your pet's style with 6 different color options.
  • High quality nylon and breathable┬ácushioned┬áinternal structure.
This cat collar walking set has a design that prioritizes the comfort and safety of your pet. With its high-quality materials and ease of use, this set is a perfect choice for cats. Additionally, with a variety of color options, you can find an option that suits your pet's style.

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Quality and Comfortable Material

This cat collar walking set is made of quality polyester mesh material. In this way, it is both light, breathable and durable. This set, which is soft and comfortable, provides your pets with a comfortable usage experience.

Ease of Use

The cat collar is equipped with a Hook & Loop closure system. In this way, wearing and removing the collar is extremely easy and practical. Thanks to its adjustable straps, it adapts perfectly to your pet's body.

Safety During Night Walks

This cat leash emphasizes safety during night walks thanks to its reflective strip design. It prevents possible accidents by increasing visibility. Additionally, it offers long-lasting use with its durable metal ring and clip system.

Matching Travel Strap

Coming with a matching cat leash , this set makes going for walks super easy and enjoyable. You can create beautiful memories with this reliable and stylish product that is offered to both you and your pet.

Elegance and Safety for Your Pet Friends

Combining your pet's safety and elegance, this cat leash and harness set offers both a useful and aesthetic solution. While it attracts attention at night with its reflective design, it makes your pet friends' walks more enjoyable thanks to its comfortable material and ease of use.

Measurements are written in CM.

Body Strap Chest Circumference
XS 130 25-28
S 130 29-33
M. 130 34-39
L. 130 40-45
XL 130 46-50

Chest circumference size is the determining factor when choosing a size. You can get help from the Instagram team for selection. @hep21pet

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Collars Used for Cat Safety

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How to Train Your Cat to Use a Cat Harness?

Dogs can be very excited to walk on a leash, but for our feline friends, going for a walk takes time and patience. At first, a cat collar may seem unfamiliar and scary to your cat. Therefore, it is important to get your cat used to wearing a harness before taking him for a walk.

Here are some tips to prepare your cat for using a cat leash:

  • Take it slow : Your cat needs time and patience when meeting new things. It may take time for a cat to learn how to use a leash, so take your time.
  • Take the steps slowly : Take slow steps until your cat learns to wear a harness. First, try it at home and then go out. Once your cat gets used to a certain routine and makes the use of a cat collar a habit, he or she will start to enjoy going for walks.
  • Watch your cat's behavior: If your cat is overstimulated, he may show signs of being frightened. For example, he may lay his ears back, arch his back, or meow loudly. When these symptoms show, try to calm your cat and cut the walk short. Then take them home and let them rest and reset.

In order for your pet to have a comfortable walking experience, gradually accustom them to using a harness and cat collar.

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Can a cat be walked with a collar?

Is it possible to walk with a cat walking collar?

Yes, a cat can be walked on a leash. Many cats can enjoy being outside and walking using a cat leash . But it's important to remember that not all cats will enjoy the experience.

Gradual Practice

It is important to slowly introduce your cat to the collar or cat harness . Help your cat adapt to using a leash by gradually increasing the length and duration of walks.

Chest Collar Preference

Cat harnesses are generally preferred over cat collars because they distribute the pressure more evenly across the cat's body and reduce the risk of injury.

Patience and Understanding

Some cats may take longer to get used to a cat collar or harness. Therefore, it is important to be patient and understanding with your cat.

Can a cat be walked with a leash?

Yes, it is possible to walk a cat on a leash. Many cats can be trained to walk on a leash and enjoy being outside, but it's important to keep in mind that not all cats enjoy the experience. It's best to start slowly and gradually introduce your cat to the leash and gradually increase the length and duration of their walks. A harness is generally preferred over a collar because it distributes pressure more evenly across the cat's body and is less likely to cause injury. Some cats may take longer to get used to a collar, so it's important to be patient and understanding with them.

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