Mistakes Made in Dog Training

Dog training is important to strengthen the bond between dogs and their owners, to control dogs' behavior and to ensure that they live a harmonious life. However, dog owners sometimes have incorrect information or make mistakes in training. In this article, we will focus on mistakes made in dog training.

Mistake 1: Using Physical Abuse to Dogs

Dog owners sometimes use physical violence to train their dogs. However, physical violence can cause the dog to lose confidence and make unwanted behavior worse. Instead, positive reinforcement methods should be used. Dogs should be rewarded when they exhibit good behavior.

Mistake 2: Not Training Frequently Enough

Dog training is a process that must be done continuously to strengthen the bond between owner and dog and to control unwanted behavior. However, some dog owners do not do the training often enough and their dog's unwanted behavior reoccurs. Training should be done regularly and repeated constantly for dogs to learn new behaviors.

Mistake 3: Believing Dogs Can Self-Train

Dogs are not animals that can train themselves. Dogs learn with the guidance of their owners. Dog owners should allocate enough time for the training of their dogs and prepare training programs according to the needs of their dogs.

Mistake 4: Limiting Training to Obedience Training Only

Dog training should not be limited to obedience training only. Dogs also grow up healthy with other training such as socialization, physical activity and mental stimulation. Training should be customized according to the dogs' characteristics.

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