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How to Attach a Dog Harness

Hello dear dog owners! As you all know, the harness, which is of vital importance in the training and daily walks of dogs, can have a great impact on your dog's health depending on how it is used. Therefore, today we will show you how to properly wear the harnesses you bought from hep21.com. Hep21 Home Page

1. Choosing the Right Collar

First, it is necessary to choose the right collar for your dog. While collars made of lighter and softer materials may be ideal for small breed dogs, more durable and sturdy collars are required for large breed dogs. Located on our site You can choose the right product by visiting our dog collar collection.

2. Wearing a Collar

It is important to ensure your dog's comfort when wearing a collar. You can attach the collar correctly by following these steps:

  • Measure around your dog's chest and adjust the collar accordingly.
  • Place the collar loop over your dog's head and make sure the collar passes under your dog's body.
  • Attach the loop of the collar to your dog's back.
  • Make sure the collar is neither too tight nor too loose.

3. Adjusting the Leash

Make sure the collar fits comfortably and does not disturb your dog. When adjusting, you should be able to fit two fingers between the collar and your dog. This ensures that the leash is not too tight and does not bother your dog.

4. Using a Leash

A harness is used to guide your dog on walks and enable him to exercise in a controlled manner. Be careful not to harm your dog when using the collar. Excessive tugging can cause physical harm to your dog and may also cause your dog to be afraid to go for a walk with you.

5.Leash Care

It is important to clean and maintain the collar regularly. This both prolongs the life of the collar and protects your dog's health.

In short, Correct fitting and use of dog harnesses is important for both the health and training of your dog. Hep21.com offers a wide variety of collars for your dogs. Our collars in different models and colors dog equipment You can find it in our collection.

See you on your next walk, stay with love!

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