K├Âpekler de duygular─▒n─▒ insanlar gibi ya┼č─▒yor

Dogs experience emotions just like humans

According to research conducted at the University of Belfast, animals, just like humans, display positive moods when they 'win' and pessimism when they 'lose'.

While humans can express when and how they feel, animals cannot. Researchers at the University of Belfast, who reviewed studies on animal competitions, concluded that animals behaved differently after the competition results. It has been found that, unlike losers , winners behave more confidently after a victory.

Animals display positive moods when they 'win' and pessimism when they 'lose', according to research published in the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society B by Belfast researchers. This indicates that they experience emotions like humans.

Author and animal behavior expert Andrew Crump from the University of Belfast said: ÔÇťThe results of this study suggest that the role of animals' emotions may need to be taken into account as they are crucial to understanding their subsequent behaviour. Understanding these emotions is also very beneficial for the future of the animal's psychological well-being. ÔÇťGood welfare and comfort require animals to have few negative emotions and many opportunities for positive experiences,ÔÇŁ he said.

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