K9 Dog Harness Tactical Set 970145

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Why Should You Choose the Collar Set?

Harness + Strap + Collar
  • With its 4 buckles, you will have no trouble removing this easy dog ​​collar. 4 fully adjustable straps, 2 shoulder and 2 chest, ensure a tight fit with maximum mobility.
  • Military Standard Material: Made from 1050D nylon material and supported by sturdy stitching, this gendarmerie dog vest provides extra durability and usability.
  • Maximum Adjustment Possibility: This large breed dog collar and leash set, which can be easily put on and taken off with 4 quick-release buckles, offers a comfortable fit and maximum mobility thanks to 4 fully adjustable straps (2 shoulder, 2 chest).
  • Durable Buckle and Soft Padded Breathable Fabric: Padded to protect your dog's skin at every pressure point, the breathable air mesh of this collar ensures that your dog is comfortable and comfortable.
  • Practical Design and Security: Molle system on two sides is suitable for devices, water bottles and dog tactical equipment. Reflect your dog's personality with multiple Hook & Loop Panels where you can display morale patches and badges.
  • Convenient and Safe: There are 2 metal leash attachment points for safer dog walks. The front clip is suitable for pulling control or dog training, while the rear clip can be used for casual walks and runs

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This dog collar and leash set meets your dog's needs by offering comfort and safety for all breeds. This police dog collar and dog harness is suitable for both professional use and is an excellent choice for daily use. You will make the right investment by choosing this set for your dog's safety and comfort.

    Harness + Strap + Collar

    Breast collar measurements are written in CM.
    Body Chest Back
    S 62-84 20
    M. 76-95 24
    L. 85-110 27
    XL 90-116 31

    Chest circumference is the determining factor when choosing a size. You can get help from the Instagram team for your selection . @hep21pet


    Collar measurements are written in CM.
    Body Neck Most
    S this size DOES NOT exist NO
    M. 34-42 3.5
    L. 43-49 3.5
    XL 50-60 3.5

    Neck size is the determining factor when choosing a size. You can get help from the Instagram team for your selection . @hep21pet

    Why Should You Use a Harness?

    Manage Your Dog Better with a Dog Harness

    Dogs are an indispensable part of our lives and their care, training and safety are very important. A dog harness helps you guide your dog more effectively and keep him safe. In this article, we will discuss five advantages of using a dog harness.


    A harness is an excellent way to keep your dog safe. Dogs can easily get involved in dangerous situations due to their curious nature. A dog collar reduces risks on the road by preventing your dog from carelessly running onto the road.

    Reduces Pulling Problems

    Many dogs can strain their owners by pulling during walks. A harness helps the dog walk in a more controlled manner by reducing traction. This keeps your dog under better control and also makes your walks more enjoyable.

    Allows for Easier Breathing

    The dog collar helps your dog breathe more easily thanks to its ergonomic design. This reduces the risk of your dog choking, especially during physical activities. Dogs use their noses to breathe, and a harness allows your dog to breathe easily.

    Identity Information

    An identification tag that can be attached to the dog collar allows your dog to be quickly identified if lost. This reduces the risk of getting lost and makes it easy to find your dog even if you lose him.


    A dog harness makes it easier to guide your dog's behavior during training and exercise. This allows you to control your dog's behavior more effectively and correct unwanted behavior.

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