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Dog collar

Thanks to dog collars , you can easily take your dog outside and let him go to the toilet and get fresh air. Additionally, by using dog collars, you can keep your dog under control and ensure that it does not disturb other people. When choosing dog collars, it is important to choose a design that suits your dog's body structure and breed. In addition, you need to pay attention to the collar material and price. Dog collars contribute to dogs living a healthy life by helping them release their energy and socialize. Thousands of dog collar models include dog collars, dog collars and dog leashes. Collar features vary, for example manual or automatic collars are available. When purchasing a collar, the dog's breed, height, weight and coat structure should be taken into consideration. Additionally, a dog collar made of materials that will not irritate your dog should be preferred. There are also collars with different features, such as named dog collars with your dog's name and address, or dog flea collars that protect your dog from fleas.

Dog Collar Types: What a Dog Owner Should Know

You should choose a dog collar according to your dog's size and activity level. For example; A large dog collar for large dogs or a small breed dog collar for small dogs is ideal. The breed of your dog is important when choosing a collar. You can choose breed-specific collars such as a golden collar, pit bull collar or pug collar.

  • A puppy collar can be used for puppies.
  • During training periods, the choice of training collar is especially important.

Most collars can have a name tag. Especially our named dog collar models are ideal for the safety of your dog. You can meet all your needs with a dog collar set. At Hep21, we offer a wide range of dog collars to meet the needs of every dog. You're in the right place for your dog's leash needs!

Dog Collar

Many factors should be considered when choosing a collar for your dogs. First of all, it should be decided whether a dog collar or a dog collar is required, depending on the size and mobility of the dog. Size and comfort are always the most important considerations.

You can choose the best collar for your dog by paying attention to the following criteria:

  • Determine the size of the collar based on your dog's neck circumference.
  • The collar material must be of a type that does not irritate the skin and does not cause hair and skin diseases.
  • Especially in case of loss, you can consider a dog collar model that has your dog's name and address information on the collar.

You can examine collars designed from different materials according to your preference. For example, a leather dog collar, which is a durable and stylish option, or a traditional and strong chain collar may suit your needs. offers a wide selection of dog collars to meet the needs of every dog. The choice is yours!

Dog Leash

When choosing a dog leash, which plays an important role in your dogs' social life, it is important that it does not harm your dog's health. You can make your choices according to the materials. For example, a leather collar can be both stylish and durable. You should also choose a collar according to the size of your dog:

You can use a reflective walking strap to make your walks safer. Remember, choosing the right dog leash allows you to have a pleasant walk with your dog.

Puppy Collar

Puppies get used to a leash quicker, so it's important to get your dog used to a leash when he's a puppy. Collars generally do not cause discomfort for dogs, but it is important to choose the appropriate size collar. Collars that are too large or too small can make your dog uncomfortable when walking.

Things to Consider When Buying a Dog Collar

It is important to choose a collar suitable for your dog's breed, height, weight and coat structure. The material of the collar should also be such that it does not abrade the skin or hair. Luxury and style may be important, but our priority is to provide the best for the dogs in our care. When choosing a dog collar, it is important to choose between a dog collar and a dog harness. Your dog's breed, height and weight will be decisive in this choice. It is not appropriate to walk a large dog, especially, with a collar. There is a high possibility of damaging your dog's neck.

Dog Collar Prices

Dog owners want to choose the best and most affordable dog collar. There are dog collars for every budget, and prices vary depending on the quality of the material. While dog collar prices are more affordable, dog collars are more expensive. Dog owners should not choose dog collars made of hard materials so that their dogs are comfortable and do not damage the skin. When the right collar is chosen, dog collars can be used for a long time without any problems and you can have safe and peaceful walks with your dog.

Dog Harness

A dog harness allows you to control your dog and does not restrict its breathing or movement. It is important to use a dog collar to protect our canine friends from dangerous situations. Leash training can be started for dogs aged 4-6 months, but it is necessary to gain the habit of wearing a leash from puppyhood.