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Why Should You Buy This Pet Carrier?

It allows you to carry your pet safely and comfortably. This bag makes it easy to keep your pets with you when you go out. It allows you to carry your pet with you on walks, trips, weekend adventures, travel, shopping, cycling, and even on subway rides.

Product features

  • It has a hook that you can attach its collar to. It prevents him from leaving.
  • Breathable Oxford mesh fabric material.
  • Colors: Rose Red, Orange, Blue, Green, Black
  • Dimensions: S:30x34x16cm / M:36x45x21cm / L:41x55x24cm
  • Weight: S:400g/M:450g/L:600g

It is quite affordable and competitive depending on the quality of the bag and the features it offers. While this product provides comfort and safety to your pet, it also makes your daily life easier.

If you are looking for a bag that will allow you to carry your pet safely and comfortably when you go out, these models offered by Hep21 are You can choose. The comfort and security it offers to your pet makes your life easier, too. Hep21 makes the time you spend with your pet more enjoyable and safe.

Machine Washable: You can machine wash in cold water on a gentle cycle. With soft breathable material, it makes your pets feel very comfortable. Hep21 dog bag is durable for long time use.

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Ease of Use and Security

Simply place your pet in the bag and attach the safety lock to the collar or harness. Thanks to the security lock, your pet is prevented from jumping or falling out of the bag. It is especially ideal for elderly or injured dogs and cats.

Convenience and Comfort

Breathable mesh fabric material allows your pet to breathe better. Additionally, thanks to the removable felt carton, the bag is easy to clean and creates a hygienic space for your pet.

Practical Design

Thanks to its design, it meets the needs of both your pet and you. The small pocket section of the bag allows you to carry items such as your mobile phone, keys and snacks. It also has a hook to attach its leash to, preventing your pet from wandering off.

about us

We always21. A company founded by pet owners for pet owners. We launched in July 2019 and since then our loyal customer base has rapidly grown into a thriving global community of over 150,000 people.

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We always21. A company founded by pet owners for pet owners. We launched in July 2019 and since then our loyal customer base has rapidly grown into a thriving global community of over 150,000 people.

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Why Should I Buy a Dog Bag?

Dog bags allow you to easily carry your dogs and move them comfortably during your travels. Additionally, it protects your dogs from sunlight in hot weather and from cold in cold weather.

Dog bags are suitable for all types of dogs. It is especially ideal for small dogs. Small dogs often get tired and it can be difficult to carry them. However, by using a dog bag, you can easily carry your dog.

Doggy bags also allow you to blend your dogs into their environment. Dogs are social creatures and being around them while traveling can help them feel more at ease.

Another reason to buy a doggy bag is that it is extremely useful for vet visits. A dog bag keeps your dogs safe and comfortable during vet visits.

Dogs generally love to be with their owners, and a doggy bag allows them to accompany you on their travels. You can buy a dog bag to travel with your dogs.

In conclusion, doggy bags are extremely beneficial for the comfort and safety of dogs. You can make your dog's life easier by purchasing these bags, which are suitable for all types of dogs.

What Should a Dog Carrying Bag Be Like?

The dog carrier should be designed to allow the dog to travel comfortably and safely. In addition, it should be easy for the dog owner to carry and resistant to environmental factors. Below are some features of what a dog carrier should be like:

  1. It should be large enough: The dog carrier should be large enough to fit your dog comfortably. It is important to choose a bag that fits your dog's size.
  2. Ventilation holes: The dog carrier should be equipped with ventilation holes. This way, the dog does not get stuffy in the bag and can breathe easily.
  3. Secure lock: The dog carrier bag should be equipped with a secure lock mechanism to keep your dog safe inside the bag. This keeps your dog inside the bag, preventing your dog from getting out while carrying the bag.
  4. Comfortable lining: The dog carrier should be equipped with a comfortable lining. Thus, your dog will be comfortable while in the bag and will not experience stress during the trip.
  5. Easy to carry: A dog carrier should be easy to carry. The dog owner can choose a bag with a shoulder strap or handles so he can easily carry the bag.
  6. Durable material: The dog carrier bag should be made of materials that are resistant to environmental factors. The bag should be water resistant, should not tear easily, and should be of quality that can last for a long time.

As a result, when choosing a dog carrier, you can make your choice by considering features such as your dog's comfort and safety, being easy to carry, and being made of durable materials.

How Long Can Your Dog Stay in the Dog Carrier?

The length of time a dog can stay in the bag depends on the dog's size, health and the size of the carrier. In general, it is recommended that dogs stay in the carrier for no more than 4-6 hours. However, this time may vary depending on factors such as the length of the trip, breaks during the trip and the needs of the dog.

When traveling with your dog in a carrier bag, you can ensure his/her comfort by taking regular breaks and letting your dog rest by taking him/her out of the bag. You can also put a water bowl or bottle inside to meet the dog's water needs.

If you're concerned about how long your dog can stay in the carrier, it's worth consulting your veterinarian.

Does My Dog Like Being in a Carrier?

Whether dogs like to be carried in bags depends on the dog's character and training. Some dogs may feel comfortable in a bag because they have been accustomed to being carried by their owners who travel frequently or move around in crowded places. However, some dogs may not like being trapped in a bag and this can stress them out.

To determine whether your dog likes to travel in a bag, you need to practice it slowly and in a controlled manner. First, teach your dog to only sit in the bag for short periods of time. Over time, you can carry your dog in the bag for longer periods of time, increasing the time. Getting your dog used to the carrier is important to ensure safety and comfort.

To increase your dog's comfort in the bag, you can use a pillow or blanket inside the bag. It is also important to check the ventilation inside the bag and ensure your dog is not exposed to hot or cold weather.

As a result, the character and training of the dog affects whether the dog likes to be carried in a bag or not. To ensure your dog feels comfortable and safe, it is recommended that he/she be accustomed to traveling in a bag in a slow and controlled manner.