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  • Dimensions are below

Dog harness | dog waist collar

  • High quality nylon and breathable padded inner structure.
  • Durable outer layer with waterproof scratch-resistant oxford material
  • No pulling, Quick Control, Adjustable.
  • It is made of skin-friendly material and does not bother your friend.
  • Easy to control with aluminum alloy durable D-ring.
  • Dog collars are used to keep dogs safer and under control in outdoor environments. A harness reduces the dog's traction while walking and makes it easier for the dog owner to control. It also increases the dog's safety and prevents the dog from carelessly running into hazards in front of the road.
  • Suitable for small, medium and large dogs.
  • It helps keep the animal's body temperature cool.
  • Suitable for night walks thanks to 3M Reflective reflective strips
  • 12 installment options

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Measurements are written in CM.
Body Chest Neck
XS 32-42 24-36
S 42-54 30-48
M. 54-68 31-50
L. 68-79 38-55
XL 79-105 44-76

Chest circumference and neck size are decisive in choosing the size. You can get help from the Instagram team for your selection . @hep21pet

Why Should You Use a Harness?

Manage Your Dog Better with a Dog Harness

Dogs are an indispensable part of our lives and their care, training and safety are very important. A dog harness helps you guide your dog more effectively and keep him safe. In this article, we will discuss five advantages of using a dog harness.


A harness is an excellent way to keep your dog safe. Dogs can easily get involved in dangerous situations due to their curious nature. A dog collar reduces risks on the road by preventing your dog from carelessly running onto the road.

Reduces Pulling Problems

Many dogs can strain their owners by pulling during walks. A harness helps the dog walk in a more controlled manner by reducing traction. This keeps your dog under better control and also makes your walks more enjoyable.

Allows for Easier Breathing

The dog collar helps your dog breathe more easily thanks to its ergonomic design. This reduces the risk of your dog choking, especially during physical activities. Dogs use their noses to breathe, and a harness allows your dog to breathe easily.

Identity Information

An identification tag that can be attached to the dog collar allows your dog to be quickly identified if lost. This reduces the risk of getting lost and makes it easy to find your dog even if you lose him.


A dog harness makes it easier to guide your dog's behavior during training and exercise. This allows you to control your dog's behavior more effectively and correct unwanted behavior.

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  • Possibility of 12 installments

  • durable material

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